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Gomer School
Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

1/4/05 4:32 PM
....   ....    

Map of Gomer School and surrounding interest. Click here for larger view.

click here 040405

- May 1, 1910 On east wall.
Map Project 1909

Margo McGlone (founding GSHA member) obtained the map from Ibraham Philip Snow in 2002.

Steve Garson at Garson Design Services (GSHA Webmaster/VP), received 10/05/04 and started scanning in.

After scanning the map Margo gave the map to Ann Cousineau, Director of Library Services and Chair of the Solano County Public Art Committee. The map will be framed properly and hung in the Hearing Room just off the grand lobby in the new county court bldg.

Click on images for a larger view.

Detail of 1909 Solano County map

Scanning of the map was a careful and laborious process, taking the better part of a day. 57 scans at 100%, still need to assemble all the scans to make 1 final (massive) file. Pictured is Dan Fein, Graphic Designer at GDS.

Pull back to show the whole map.
Size: 63.5" (5'-3.5") x 52.25" (4'-4.25)

Map detail showing Fairfield, Gomer School, Rockville. Click on image for a closeup - you'll be amazed!