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2001_05/01 - 100 Year Anniv.
2003_02/08 Tea / Fashion Show
2005_05/14 Picnic

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Gomer School
Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

6/12/08 8:36 PM
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Gomer School's 100th Birthday Celebration

Open House •.May 1, 2001, 5:00 - 8:00 pm

4522 Abernathy Road, Suisun Valley, CA

Catering by Armijo Meats

See the Gomer School Centennial Poster!
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You are welcome to take a photographic tour of our 100th Year Anniversery Celebration on May 1st, 2001. Participants who also shot photos are encouraged to provide their photos to us. Please select Email Webmaster link above. Corrections are also encouraged as the historical recording process is a group effort!

Photos taken by Dorothey Donaldson.
Captions by Steve Garson

Event sign-in.

Fairfield High Scarlet Brigade Bagpipe Band entertain the arrivals.

Gomer School, May 1, 2001.

The schools birthday cake.

John Tim, class of ? Photo: class of 1939 (#38 top row, upper left)

Tom Foon (student, class of 1945) attended Gomer School 1st through 8th grade. Photo: class of 1939 (#4 bottom row, 4th from left)

The Foons: Tom Foon (student, class of 1945), Lily Foon (student, class of 1946), Willy Foon, Annie Foon. Missing: Willie Foon, Nancy Foon, Esther Foon. Family still lives on Rockville road on the old John Lambert Ranch. Their parents are Fred Foon and Daisy Foon.

Visitors enjoyed great food from Armijo Meats.

Gary Darville (student, class of 1956-8) His teacher was Mrs. Hart. His brother Ron Darville was (student, class of 1956).

See Photo: class of 1939
The Lums: Elaine Lum (student, class of 1939), Eva Lum (student, class of 1942) and Edward Lum (student, class of 1938). Missing are: Jessie Lum (student, class of 1943), Charlie Lum (student, class of 1941), Louis Lum (student, class of ?) and Ruby Lum (student, class of ?).

Barabara Van Putten, historian and school teacher, leads her class from Amy Blanc Elementary in the Pioneer Pledge of Allegiance


The Torrences: Patti Torrence (student, class of 1947), NormaTorrence (student, class of 1947), Eula Torrence (student, class of 1949), Annita Torrence (student, class of ?) and John Torrence (student, class of ?).

100th Celebration Committee Members:
Steve Garson email
Ian Hannigan
Robert Low
Ernset Moretti
Clint Ostrom
Pam Parkhurst
Roberta Quan
Alice Shubin
Don Stewart
Karen Walker
Karen Waller
Marjorie Wildman

Steve Garson, one of our historians, talking with Margeret Beelard a former substitute teacher, born in Scandia which used to be on the site of Scandia, taught at Cement, Grant.

Former Gomer teacher Lena Yolo (teacher 1927-28) meets with former student Mary Kitabayashi (student, class of 1925).

Mary Kitabayashi (student, class of 1925) and Lena Yolo (teacher class of 1927-28).

Harrison Dodini (student, class of 1942) attended Gomer School 1st through 8th grade, sits in a desk that's a bit small for him now.

Barabara Van Putten (far upper right), historian and school teacher, leads her class from Amy Blanc Elementary with Former Gomer teacher Lena Yolo (teacher 1927-28) and Margeret Beelard.

Steve Garson and Dorothey Donaldson

The Lums: Elaine Lum (student, class of 1939) and Eva Lum (student class of 1942). Photo: class of 1939 (#27 3rd row, 3rd from right)

Warren Sheldon providing whose grandfather William Sheldon was on the School board that built Gomer School. Sons Ralph (whose son, Boyd, started Sheldon Oil) and Winifred are in the Gomer class school photo 1891-2.

Steve ?(student, class of 1957?)