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2001_05/01 - 100 Year Anniv.
2003_02/08 Tea / Fashion Show
2005_05/14 Picnic

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Gomer School
Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

1/4/05 4:32 PM
....   ....    
  Picnic/BBQ at
Gomer School

May 14, 2005
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at the Picnic!

Steve Garson / Margaret Martin (Husband? deceased William B. Martin - Teacher 1952- 54)

Margaret Martin / ?

Lorraine English Wesner (Student 1944), Gloria Leicke Lewis, Steve Garson

Gloria Leicke Lewis

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• Photos taken by Dee Dee Donaldson
• Site design Steve Garson

  Click here to see more event photos from photographer Jon Sharver.

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Gomer School Display Booth

Gomer School Display Booth

Julian DeGarcia - Student 1941 - 1948 / Lily Foon Ong - Student

Martha DeGarcia - Student 1945 / Julian DeGarcia - Student 1941 - 1948

New archive items received:

• 1931 Class Photo
• 1934 Class Photo
(Donated by Jimmy & Paula Low 05/15/05)

• 1941 Student Newspaper
(Donated by Jimmy & Paula Low (?) 05/15/05)

• Many students note that the presently "red" Gomer School was actually painted white with grey trim.

"Event was enjoyed by all. It was a perfectly clear day, not too warm.

Thanks to the board for organizing,
Clint, our fearless leader, for the fresh coat of paint on the benches and working bell, Bob for the BBQ dogs and checkin' the numbers, Charlotte for the brochure mailing and all the former students and teachers and families attending."