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Gomer School
Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

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As the communities developed, one of the first institutions to be created was the educational system. Some of the earliest instruction occurred at Barton's Store in Suisun City and Curry Grammar School was an early school located in the same city. It was later renamed in honor of G.W. Crystal after he donated additional property to the facility.

Green Valley School of Cordelia was very successful due in part to the large population of the area. In Suisun Valley, other schools prospered including Rockville, Gomer, and Suisun Valley. The Falls School was located in Green Valley.

In Fairfield, the Fairfield Grammar School was located on the corner of Madison and Delaware Streets. The building was moved from its original site in the early twentieth century to its present location on the corner of Texas and Jackson Streets in downtown Fairfield.

North of Fairfield was Dover School and east of town, in a Scandinavian community, was the appropriately named school of Scandia. The first high school was located in Suisun City and occupied part of the Crystal building. It continued until funding problems caused its closure. In 1891, a bond was passed to fund a new high school and Armijo Union High School was created. It occupied a second story room at Crystal School until a new structure was completed in 1893, in Fairfield. By 1915, a larger building was finished next door to the old one, today it serves as the Solano County Hall of Justice.


Rockville School

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Suisun Valley School

Wooden Valley School