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Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

1/4/05 4:32 PM
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Green Valley School of Cordelia was very successful due in part to the large population of the area.
Green Valley School in Cordelia

Green Valley School in Cordelia
1901. Photo: E. Garbin Collection
Vacaville Heritage Council

PHOTO: 2574 1922 Jin Campi Collection Photo of teacher and pupils at Green Valley School in 1922

PHOTO: 3005 Year?  Ruby Grigsby Collection. Green Valley School in Cordelia, CA. Many names on caed including last names of Dittmer, White, Humphrey, Carney, Meyers, Canivasina, Glusen, Lynch, Magnus.

PHOTO: 569 Year?  Golinger Collection Green Valley School at Cordelia showing children lined up on the west side.

PHOTO: 2571 Year?  Golinger Collection Green Valley School, Cordelia.  Also large negative

PHOTO: 2398 1893   Green Valley school with students

Property Owners 1878 to include Green Valley School

BOOK: Powell, William F. Dr., Dec. 1990, p.15 Power, Robert H., Dec. 1991, p.7 The Preservation of the Green Valley School House, Dec. 1993, p.3 ff

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Green Valley School in Cordelia
Jan. 4, 2005.
Photograph by Jon Sharver

Link to the present Green Valley School 3630 Ritchie Road
Suisun City, CA 94534
Phone: (707) 863-7910

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• 1909 map


Blaze causes $100,000 in damages on May 21, 2003 Vacaville Reporter Click
A fire that burned the old Green Valley School Wednesday afternoon may have been accidental, Cordelia fire officials said, but was definitely "caused by a human."

The 11 a.m. blaze, which began inside the more than 100-year-old schoolhouse on Ritchie Road and erupted through the attic, caused an estimated $100,000 in damages, Assistant Fire Chief Aaron McAlister said.

The fire ripped through the one-room structure, reportedly built in 1883 and closed in 1926, but was quickly knocked down. The building had been vacant for some time, McAlister said.

The only casualty was a cat, who died in the fire.

Was a student of Green Valley School in the early 1920's Click