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2001_05/01 - 100 Year Anniv.
2003_02/08 Tea / Fashion Show
2005_05/14 Picnic

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Gomer School
Watercolor by Ilse Luense-Escobales

8/28/06 9:55 PM


Contact With Other One Room School Houses

Hello Margo/Vicki (Gomer School),
Great meeting yesterday, Margo! Here are new pages to the website. The Tea & Fashion Show: http://www.garsondesign.com/gomerschool/4event/2event.html During the meeting yesterday I was thinking it would be nice to have a links to other one room school houses. Still don't know if there is a national association...still looking.

I have also been sending our site address to other one room school houses databases that I find out there. See the email at the bottom.

From: Keith Campbell, keithcampbell@excite.com
To: Steve Garson, steve@garsondesign.com
Date: 2/26/03 4:00 AM Received: 2/26/03 9:52 AM
Hello Steve (Gomer School Webmaster/Historian),
You have a very nice site! I'll be sure to add it this week to the One Room Schoolhouse Resourse Center. I am currently not aware of other similar sites. You might want to try a search using "one room schools" as a start. Good luck!
Regards,Keith CampbellWebmaster

From: steve garson, mailto: steve@garsondesign.com
To: kcampbell@onlinemac.com
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 03:29:04 -0800
Subject: Hello from Gomer School
Hello Keith Cambell,
Was great to find your site! (via www.google.com)I didn't see a west coast section...did I miss it?I'm a member of the Gomer School Historical Assoc.
Please list our site:http://www.garsondesign.com/gomerschool
Are there other nationwide one room school registeries that you know of?
Take care, Steve Garson
707 428-1743/phone 707 428-3652/fax steve@garsondesign.com www.garsondesign.com

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